Professional exams are organized as multiple choice questions

A number of these tests were organised as multiple choice questions.

One intriguing aspect was that there weren’t separate exams
for each subject.

Instead, there was only one exam for all subjects. By way of example, medical students look in a 7-8 hour test on one day to show their readiness.

There is big gap between professional tests ran in US and UK. We should look at history of schooling, to know the difference.

Same is true for financial analyst exam where candidates seem in one examination of six months.

UK universities have been created to serve the upper class.

Members of the upper class possessed possessions and had great deal of free time to learn and share new theories.

The problem was that a number of these professions did not value the technical comprehension of the graduates of universities.

American universities began offering new classes in professional subjects to draw pupils who have been aspiring to be accountants and engineers and financial analysts.

Historically, education was a luxury not affordable to many in America.

There was plenty of work to do and jobs were plentiful. Studying at college for a long time was out of question as this demanded giving up wages for so many years.

Finally, professionals decided to establish their own certification exams. This ensured that only technically competent graduates could join professions.

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