UK universities were created to serve the top class

UK universities were created to serve the top class.

Members of the upper class possessed possessions and had great deal of free
time to learn and share new concepts.

There’s big difference between specialist tests ran in US and UK. To understand the distinction, we ought to look at history of education in these two countries.

Same is true for financial analyst exam where candidates seem in 1 exam of six months.

There was lot of work to perform and jobs were plentiful. Studying at college for a long time was out of question because this demanded giving up salary for so many years.

Eventually, professionals chose to establish their own certification exams.

This guaranteed that only technically qualified graduates could join professions.

Many of these tests were arranged as multiple choice questions.

1 intriguing aspect was that there were not separate exams for each topic.
Instead, there was only one test for many subjects.

By way of example, medical students appear in one 7-8 hour exam on one day to show their readiness.

American universities began offering new courses in specialist areas to pull students who were aspiring to be accountants and engineers and financial analysts.

The problem was that a number of these professions didn’t value the technical understanding of the graduates of the universities.